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due an upgrade on your it devices?

computer upgrades

Could your computers performance be improved without parting with too much cash?  We offer free professional advice on upgrades and installation.

Why not drop into our computer repair shop in Glasgow and see if an upgrade might be the solution for your PCs poor performance.  A RAM memory upgrade can be as low as £10 and can significantly increase the performance of your PC or Apple Mac.

Treat your PC to a solid state Hard Drive and watch the performance increase for all your multimedia applications

Are you running out of storage space for all your music and photos. We can clone your hard drive to a new, higher capacity hard drive. This means you wont lose any files or software. Your new drive will look as your old drive did, but with more storage.

For free advice call our computer shop in Glasgow or visit us in Bearsden and have a chat with one of our technicians and see what we can offer.


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