pc tune-up

restore your PC as good as new!

pc maintenance

Restores your PC to top speed

Remember how fast your PC used to run when you got it? We can help you get it back there with our most popular computer repair service.  We will fine tune your computer and reduce clutter with our multi point check and get your PC or Laptop back to peak performance.

We will fight off any hidden malware and remove viruses and spyware. We will perform deep system scans and get rid of those annoying pop ups.

Overheating problems will be a thing of the past. We can clean the internal fans and grills to lower the operating temperature of your computer, prolonging its life span and improving performance.

Extra hard drive space will be created as we remove junk files and un-clutter your computer.

We will optimize the startup and shut down time of your computer and reduce the number of unnecessary programs loading on startup.

Does your computer freeze or crash regularly?  We know how annoying that can be.  Our PC tune up service will restore your PC back to its former self and keep your sanity intact.

Bring your computer in for a free health check, and remember we have a No Fix No Fee policy.

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