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Regardless of how gentle you try to be with your laptop, sooner or later, accidents happen or your laptop simply gets older. From set up problems, cleaning, assembly and replacement of parts, every household with a laptop needs laptop repairs and maintenance services.

Laptops contain important data that may be lost due to viruses, operating system failure, accidental deletion or even hard disk failure. Our experienced repair technicians will can restore your laptop without losing the important files.

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Cost is one of the foremost factors to consider when choosing a computer repair company. After assessing your laptop, we always outline the cost of the whole repair process. You can get a quote from the website by sending a description of your problems or bring the laptop to our computer repair shop in Bearsden.

Sometimes you may need to have your machine repaired immediately; waiting for days for your laptop to be repaired can understandably be frustrating. Laptop & PC doctor offers a collect and return service a service technician visits your home, office or business premises to get your machine up and running in no time.

This is yet another extremely important thing to look out for before trusting a technician with repairing your laptop. Most PC makers provide certification to technicians who attend the manufacturer’s training programs. We have a team of certified computer specialists who have performed laptop repairs on tens of thousands of computers from different manufacturers. Our in store and onsite repair services offer:

  • * Apple/Mac repairs
  • * Data backup and recovery
  • * Virus removal
  • * Operating system repair/reinstallation
  • * Screen replacement
  • *PC Tune-Up/health check
  • *Power socket replacement
  • * Keyboard replacement
  • * Home and office networking
  • * Other software and hardware upgrades.

Whether you are repairing your laptop of finding a replacement altogether, you still have to figure out a way to do all this without losing your data. This is why data backup and recovery is an important part of the services offered at Laptop & PC Doctor. Apart from protecting your data when performing laptop repairs, we can also help you restore it after a hard disk failure, operating system crash or virus/malware attack.