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Data Recovery Glasgow

We understand the importance of data whether it is essential company files or family photos. We can recover data from virtually any operating system including all Microsoft operating systems, all Apple Mac OS, Linux and Unix.Examples of hard drive failure or imminent failure might be:

  • Clicking sound
  • Computer performance has dropped
  • Blue screen of death
  • Laptop freezing intermittently

If you are unsure, call us or drop into our computer repair shop in Glasgow for a free diagnostic

We also offer a data transfer service. Whether you have a PC or Apple computer we can transfer all of your data including email onto your new PC.  We will take the hassle and stress away from you and configure your new PC.

What should i do if my hard drive has failed?

Don’t panic, contact our repair shop in Glasgow or drop in and have a chat with one of our technicians.  We recommend leaving it to the professionals, don’t let anyone else “tinker” with the drive as this can do more harm than good.

For  hard drive data recovery in Glasgow try laptop and PC Doctor’s data recovery service. We offer a free quote with no obligation and a fast turn around. We know how critical your data is.

Nowadays, with increased storage capacity available to everyone, data is being stored at an alarming rate. Even the average computer user has more than 1TB (terabyte) of data if they like to store home movies or family photos, like the average person does.

When this precious data is lost, it is nice to know what could have caused it and maybe next time we can avoid this problem.

1. Hardware Failure

Of course this cause for data loss is a nightmare as you have no control over it. For example if your hard drive fails from the internal ball bearings being worn out, you cannot help this. A hard drive is a mere mechanical device that has working parts. This means that things can go wrong.

2. Human error

Hey, we are all human after all and many of us delete files accidentally. In fact humans do a lot of stupid things that can cause data loss. You might spill a drink on your computer and blow up the whole thing, or maybe you might think you have saved files, when actually you haven’t.

3. Software corruption or problem

When a computer user installs software and then restarts the computer, something goes wrong, and your Windows will not start at all. You know you have done something to cause an error. The problem here is that people don’t know how to get out of this situation and prevent data loss. They actually try so many troubleshooting tasks that it sends the computer into a more serious error.

4. Computer viruses

Computer viruses can be vicious and destroy your files very quickly. They can cause data loss and sometimes, if you’re lucky, access to your files. If you have only lost access to your files then maybe you haven’t actually lost your data yet. But if the virus has infected your files, your data may be now useless and corrupted.

5. Disaster

Unfortunately we have no control over a disaster that might happen to your computer. This cannot be blamed on anyone in particular, but it is devastating to experience this data loss nevertheless.

Water damage may be repairable in some cases, as long as the computer was not operating at the time. Many computer professionals remove dust from computers by hosing the entire system out with water. Obviously there is no power connected to the computer, and when dried out correctly, the computer works as it did before.

I still recommend hiring a professional to recover your data, as sometimes it is too precious to lose.

How to Prevent Data Loss

Some things we just have no control over, so therefore we cannot prevent data loss. But we can prepare for data loss by implementing a backup data and recovery plan. You can also maintain your computer carefully and keep it running smoothly.

Fast & Reliable

We offer a fast and efficient turnaround on all laptop repairs. Why not pop in and see us or call us now.


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We provide a fast and efficient repair service on all models of laptop and notebooks.


We  offer a wide range of upgrade options for your laptop & notebooks. From graphics cards to hardware upgrades.

What our clients say

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In 2015, when my PC was ‘acting up ‘, a friend recommended Laptop & PC Doctor to get it checked out. They quoted a price and said they’d phone when it was ready, which they duly did, and the PC worked like new.

Since then, they have been my first contact when things go amiss, with my latest visit being in January this year when a Solid State Hard Drive was installed.
Just as they were recommended to me, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who has ‘problems ‘ with their PC, Laptop or Tablet.
Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

Excellent and knowledgeable staff, very organised and excellent prices. Good parking just off main road and only a short drive away from the city.

I found the staff extremely helpful and with no “pushy” attempt to change my preferences. I am delighted with my new top of the range Dell laptop and Asus R/W external DVD. Thoroughly recommended.

Bryan Free

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