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In the modern world, almost everyone has access to a computer at home, on the go or at their workplace. Computers are indispensable devices that help us handle social, economic and practical issues in our daily lives.  Computers are prone to malfunctions, just like other electronics. You will need a computer repair business that provides certified technicians and fast and affordable solutions. We are a professional Glasgow computer repair business who save you time since our technicians are familiar with different types of repairs and they have ample skills and experience to handle and repair computers. We offer several computer repair services in our Glasgow shop. They include:

Maintenance services

A computer requires regular tune ups and updating. These maintenance services increase the working speed of the device as well as increase its lifetime. Maintenance services include updating and installing new software, general inspections, troubleshooting and rebooting, among others.

Hardware and Accessories Repair

Computers and computer accessories are prone to physical damage. Hardware repair services offer solutions to structural issues, paint jobs and dents. A computer comes with several accessories like printers and scanners. With time, these accessories require repair and maintenance due to wear and tear.

Internet Security and Anti-virus Solutions

There are millions of computer spyware/malware, worms and viruses in circulation on the internet at any given time. These viruses and malware attack various programs on the computer as well as lead to identity theft and email attacks. A computer technician will remove viruses, malware and provide a proactive approach to these external problems.


Data Recovery and Backup Services

It is not uncommon for people to lose both minor and vital data through hardware failure, system crashes, corruption, natural disasters, viruses, human error and accidental deletion. It is vital to protect valuable computer data because data loss can lead to unthinkable challenges. Computer backup services ensure that all your data is stored safely. In case it is damaged or lost, it can be recovered easily by data recovery experts.

If you need any of the above services, you can contact us and our team of technicians will give you customised and exact-fit solutions to your computer problems. Our computer repair business uses business-centred techniques that consider your budget and business goals. Whether you need hardware and software troubleshooting, system configuration and installation, removal of malware, data backup and recovery or regular maintenance services, be sure we will be glad to fix your problem in the shortest time possible.

Fast & Reliable

We offer a fast and efficient turnaround on all computer repairs. Why not pop in and see us or call us now.


All Models

We provide a fast and efficient repair service on all models of desktop computers from our custom workshop.


We  offer a wide range of upgrade options for your desktop. From operating system updates to hardware upgrades.

What our clients say

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In 2015, when my PC was ‘acting up ‘, a friend recommended Laptop & PC Doctor to get it checked out. They quoted a price and said they’d phone when it was ready, which they duly did, and the PC worked like new.

Since then, they have been my first contact when things go amiss, with my latest visit being in January this year when a Solid State Hard Drive was installed.
Just as they were recommended to me, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who has ‘problems ‘ with their PC, Laptop or Tablet.
Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

Excellent and knowledgeable staff, very organised and excellent prices. Good parking just off main road and only a short drive away from the city.

I found the staff extremely helpful and with no “pushy” attempt to change my preferences. I am delighted with my new top of the range Dell laptop and Asus R/W external DVD. Thoroughly recommended.

Bryan Free

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