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Laptop & PC Doctor are now offering BGA Repairs from our workshop in Glasgow.

Are you having problems with your computer display? Lines, blocks, or a white screen? Is your screen ‘split’ or do vertical or horizontal lines appear? If so, don’t despair! If so, don’t despair! We offer a comprehensive BGA repairs service for laptops, PCs and mobile devices that have a malfunctioning or damaged circuit board.

Common Symptoms:
• No display
• 3 Beeps – 1 long and 2 short, with no display
• Vertical and horizontal lines appear on screen
• Screen is split or incorrect display
• White or grey screen, blocks, lines or no display

What is re-balling?

Well, it’s the process whereby defective chips on a circuit board are repaired or replaced. We apply lead-based solder on the component before securing it back into place on the circuit board. BGAs include hundreds of connections all tightly packed together in one small space, so it’s advisable that you don’t try and fix the circuit board yourself. We specialise in BGA repair, and can refurbish, replace, and re-attach your equipment quickly and effectively. If you are experiencing power failures, frozen screens, and malfunctioning graphics, contact us today to see how we can help.

Our BGA Repair/Re-balling service.

Did you know that BGA connections can fail over time due to exposure to heat, bad design, or just general wear and tear? All circuit boards are susceptible to failure, including high density boards that can be found on PCs and laptops. We will be able to restore the connection between the component and the circuit board and ensure that your devices are up and running (and performing like they should) in no time. In many cases, we can repair or replace the component without replacing the entire circuit board – saving you more money in the long tun. By replacing just the BGA, less waste is used – which is more environmentally sound.

We always take safety seriously. When handling your devices, we will inspect the circuit board to fully assess the damage, and then take safety precautions before removing or replacing delicate equipment. One the component is removed, the circuit board will be cleaned and any residual solder wiped away. Once the components are secured back in place, the circuit board will be inspected again.

Read more...Remember – circuit boards and other electronic equipment will usually need to be repaired by a professional in order to rectify the problem. Therefore, it’s important not to try and fix the circuit board yourself, no matter how many ‘how-to’ guides you’ve read online. For your own safety and peace of mind, contact us today and speak to a friendly member of our team. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service and great value for money. We specialize in laptop video card repair/Mac video, iMac graphics and video faults, and Mac graphics problems.


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We offer a fast and efficient turnaround on all IT repairs. Why not pop in and see us or call us now on 0141 942 4020.


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We provide a fast and efficient repair service on all models of laptop and desktop computers.


We  offer a wide range of upgrade options for your IT products. From operating system updates to hardware upgrades.

What our clients say

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In 2015, when my PC was ‘acting up ‘, a friend recommended Laptop & PC Doctor to get it checked out. They quoted a price and said they’d phone when it was ready, which they duly did, and the PC worked like new.

Since then, they have been my first contact when things go amiss, with my latest visit being in January this year when a Solid State Hard Drive was installed.
Just as they were recommended to me, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who has ‘problems ‘ with their PC, Laptop or Tablet.
Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

Excellent and knowledgeable staff, very organised and excellent prices. Good parking just off main road and only a short drive away from the city.

I found the staff extremely helpful and with no “pushy” attempt to change my preferences. I am delighted with my new top of the range Dell laptop and Asus R/W external DVD. Thoroughly recommended.

Bryan Free

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