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Thank you for your interest in our Playstation 3 Repairs! PS3 Repairs Glasgow

The PS3 is a third generation console produced and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment and many know it as the console that followed the Playstation 2. Released on November 11, 2006, it has been highly successful and very rarely needs repairs. However, being a computer system, it’s not immune to problems. Playstation 3 consoles do occasionally need motherboard replacements, ac inlet repairs, Blu-ray disc drive repairs, control board replacements, fan replacements, hard drive swaps, heat sink repairs and more. There are many different components to the Playstation 3 system and it’s possible for these components to fail or get damaged.
If your Playstation 3 is malfunctioning, showing the yellow light of death or if you believe there may be hardware failure involved, don’t hesitate to get in contact!

We provide affordable and high quality PS3 repairs from our Glasgow workshop. By simply shipping in your console, we will repair or replace all damaged components and have your Playstation 3 back in playing condition within just days. It’s a simple and easy process that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Playstation 3’s are generally less likely to experience hardware failure than the Xbox 360. The console has had considerably less issues since its release but hardware failure and accidental damage does still occur. In cases where the console is dropped the top cover, rear cover or smart plate to the console can crack, leading to vulnerability to the hardware inside. If you have accidentally dropped your Playstation 3, it’s very important that you get the console repaired as soon as possible. Some of the more serious components include the motherboard, PRAM battery, power supply, memory card reader, heat sink, wi-fi antenna, and Bluetooth Board.

Many of these hardware components are exposed externally on the console and can be damaged from physical abuse. We have Glasgow PS3 repair technicians waiting to speak with you at anytime!