power socket replacement

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power problems?

Laptop & Computer Power Socket Replacement

If your laptop wont charge your battery or if the system wont power from a mains supply there may be a problem with the laptops power socket. This is a very common problem and we can take care of it for you in no time. We stock DC jacks for almost any laptop.

We don’t stop there! We can also replace faulty or broken USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks as well as damaged firewire ports.  We understand how easy it is to damage a port on your laptop and because of the lack of ports on laptop computers we know how important it is to have these ports replaced professionally.

If the power socket on your laptop has broken or developed a fault, you may notice any of the following:

  • the screen brightness flickering when you touch the power lead
  • the battery not holding much charge, if any
  • the machine unexpectedly turning off during use
  • the plug or end of the cable getting unusually warm

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