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Computers have become an integral part of our lives. The computers are being used in schools, industries, offices and homes for various purposes. At times, a PC may malfunction or fail to work especially when you need it most. This may be as a result of malware, software/hardware problems and system crashes. At Laptop & PC Doctor we provide quality and fast solutions to PC problems to ensure that you do not experience inconveniences at work, home or wherever you may be.

We are a computer repair business that specializes in PC technical support, PC repairs, virus and malware removal, PC installations and upgrades, custom build PCs, data backup and recovery, and PC maintenance services. We provide quality services and warranty all of them to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Any type of PC requires frequent updating and maintenance, especially if it is always connected to the internet. With PC maintenance, there are numerous vulnerabilities which are found and repaired accordingly. A computer user should always maintain updated software versions to increase the speed of the PC. Our capable team can service and repair any PC brand using quality and original parts. Finding a competent, professional and time-conscious PC technician can be challenging. But it is no more; contact us for timely and professional PC maintenance services.

The internet has become an important part of our lives. People use their PCs to access internet services. Every time you are connected to the internet on your PC, thousands of hackers, viruses, phishing sites and malware programs are waiting for an opportunity to steal your identity, invade your personal privacy as well as wreck havoc on your PC. We provide virus removal services and install anti-virus programs to clean and protect your PC against worms, viruses and malware/spyware. With our Virus removal services, no computer data is lost.

Data loss can be a very challenging and emotional situation that may force a PC user to act desperately and unpredictably to recover their data. Do not do act desperately by downloading or installing numerous data recovery tools since this may lead to more damage. We are here for you; we can recover your lost data and create a back-up system to avoid future data loss. Our team of technicians uses modern tools that are very efficient in data recovery.

At Laptop & PC Doctor we have certified technicians who perform personalised PC repairs. We have ample experience in computer diagnostics, hardware/software installation and upgrading, PC tune-ups, networking, screen replacement, data recovery and backup, and PC maintenance, among others. With our services, you are guaranteed of optimal PC performance.