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Our range of high-performance Gaming PCs in Glasgow are tailored to give you the performance and features that will take your games from good, straight up awesome! We source our components internally as well at major brands like Intel & Nvidia so we can provide great gaming experiences in any setting.

You won’t find prices anywhere near this low anywhere else – just check out what’s on offer below or visit us directly for more information about building customised systems yourself today!

Custom built gaming computers in Glasgow

If you’re looking for an excellent high-performance gaming computer that will play all your favourite games on the highest settings possible, then look no further than our range of custom built machines.

We have assembled some amazing prowess from top brands such as Intel & Nvidia so we can ensure complete immersion in each and every game! Take advantage today with fast delivery right now – see everything available by visiting us online at www…com

An incredible gaming PC is incomplete without stunning aesthetics. We pay careful attention to style, offering a vast array of chassis and RGB builds for you choose from. What’s more our custom built computers have been designed with maximum airflow in mind so they run smoothly during even your most intense online gaming sessions.

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It’s not just about having the fastest components possible – although this does help tremendously when it comes down to deciding between AMD vs NVidia cards- but also looking beyond those basics and seeing where else innovation can take place within computer technology such as air cooling systems or water cooling. 

Intel has a wide range of processors that are perfect for gamers. The Pentium and Core i3 offer light gaming, while the more powerful cores such as those in Core I5 or even better -Core I7- will give you enough power to play games on mainstream platforms without any hiccups during gameplay!

Finally there is also an option if high end performance with Intels new giants:The 9th Gen Intel core series which can handle extreme level graphics intense action sequences perfectly.

The right processor for you will depend on your budget and gaming needs. If it’s just general purpose processing power that matters, the AMD Ryzen series is perfect with its range of processors aimed at gamers as well as professionals who need more than what Intel offers but don’t want to pay an arm and leg either!

For those looking strictly towards performance in their favourite hobby or profession without any concern over cost however- there’s always Threadripper – which can handle anything from heavy workloads like rendering videos all day long while still being able take care beautifully when needed most during intense game sessions thanks mainly because we have 16 cores instead 6 here today so not only do these offer better bang per buck ratio but will take your gaming to the next level.

Introducing the newest addition to NVIDIA’s graphics card line up: The 30 Series GPUs. Starting with their entry-level model and ending on an enthusiast grade GPU, these cards offer unparalleled performance alongside new technologies like ray tracing for breath taking visuals that will leave your eyes watering from how good they look!

The new AMD Radeon RX 6000 series unlocks outstanding gaming performance. Their flagship card, the RX 6900XT is built for enthusiasts while also being great at entry-level games and video rendering or creative work!

This isn’t just any ordinary GPU though; these cards have been designed specifically with your needs in mind – so whether you want to play some Counterstrike globally against Russia without getting beaten down, this may just be the graphics card you need for your high-end custom gaming pc build.

RAM is essential for your computer’s optimum performance. We offer a wide selection of kits from top manufacturers like Avexir, Corsair and Crucial so you can find the right upgrade for yourself or build an entirely new system!

You can make your case as bold or discreet as you like with the help of RGB lighting, glass panels and aluminium bodies. It also impacts cooling options: some models support fans while others have air coolers clearance for AiO water-cooling units; there’s even Radiator Support if want to go all out custom loop!

We have what you need to take your gaming experience up a notch! Our wide range of monitors are perfect for any PC gamers out there.

With high refresh rates, G-Sync and/or Free Sync compatibility options available in various sizes with curved panels or higher resolutions. Why not pop in or give us a call.

With our gaming PCs, you can rely on us to provide excellent service and customer care. Each custom-built system is fully tested before shipment so that it meets the highest standards of performance in its class; we also have experts waiting to help configure your perfect PC as well as provide post sales support if needed!